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    Geophysical search methods

    The following two groups are distinguished in the complex of geophysical survey methods when conducting search and exploration operations: field (exploration geophysics) and industry (geophysical studies in wells – logging).
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    ««Белоруснефть» – государственная вертикально-интегрированная нефтяная компания. Занимает лидирующее положение в топливно-энергетическом комплексе Республики Беларусь. Образована в 1966 г. » Вся информация взята с веб-сайта  и находится в свободном доступе.
    +375 (232) 79-33-33
    ул. Рогачевская, 9, г. Гомель, 246003, Республика Беларусь.

    «Геофизическая сервисная компания «Викоил ЛТД» создана в январе 2003 года с целью предоставления геологоразведочных услуг отечественным и зарубежным нефтегазовым компаниям.» Вся информация взята с веб-сайта  и находится в свободном доступе.
    +38 (044) 451-48-62
    г. Киев, ул. Кудрявский спуск, 7. Оф. 211

    «Основано 14 декабря 2000 года в г. Полтава. Предприятие за годы существования наращивало темпы своего развития, расширяло перечень выпо лняемых работ и оказываемых услуг. Главным приоритетом нашей работы для нас является четкое выполнение договорных обязательств в намеченные сроки на всех стадиях сотрудничества и высокое качество выполнения работ, а также проработаны разные схемы взаимовыгодного сотрудничества.» Вся
    +38 (0532) 50-24-63
    Украина, г. Полтава

    «Renhe Group Limited was established in 2004, it is a specialized oil and gas technology company which provides R & D, Manufacturing, Sales & Engineering Services about Wireline Logging, Logging-While-Drilling, Oilfield Evaluation, and Well Completion Tools. » All information is taken from that is in free access.

    «Amaja was founded in 2008 following a series of crude oil and gas discoveries in the Gulf of Guinea. We soon gained recognition as the first 100% locally owned oilfield service company with its product and service capabilities in Ghana.» All information is taken from  that is in free access.
    +233 31-200-0872
    Accra, Ghana No 1, Sixth Street, Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana

    «Xceed Machine Works Inc. is an industry leader providing certified repair, overhaul and refurbishment for all types of mechanical and rotating equipment. This includes blowers, fans, gear drives & reducers, process pumps, vacuum pumps, mixers, rotary feeds, and heavy industry machinery.» All information is taken from that is in free access.
    +1 (587) 521-7544
    Unit #300, 5715 76th Ave NW Edmonton, Alberta T6B 0A7

    «Surplec HV solutions operates in the medium and high voltage area. Its advantageous offer allows it to distinguish from other competitors in its field.» All information is taken from that is in free access.
    149 Godin, Sherbrooke (Qc) Canada J1R 0S6

    " China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL) is the leading integrated oilfield services providers in the Asian offshore market. COSL’s four main services divisions—Geophysical Services, Drilling Services, Well Services, and Marine and Transportation Services—cover the exploration, development, and production phases of the oil and gas industry." All information is taken from  that is in free
    +86-10-8452 2046
    P.O. BOX 232 , Beijing , China . 101149 Mr.Zhang Shaoying

    "Austin Exploration Inc. is a global service provider of quality marine gravity and magnetic data acquisition, as well as data processing and interpretation. Founded and Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Austin Exploration is a recognized pioneer in marine gravity and magnetic exploration." All information is taken from that is in free access.
    Houston 10333 Westoffice Drive Houston,TX 77042

    "It was created to provide multidisciplinary geoscientific and non-seismic mapping services to a range of national and international operators in oil and gas exploration, mining, corridor mapping, and research. It’s not just Bridgeporth’s combined management experience of over 150 years that sets it apart in the industry: it’s their determination to respond to their clients’;
    +44 (0)1908 667 014
    Bridgeporth Ltd 26 Linford Forum Rockingham Drive Linford Wood Milton Keynes MK14 6LY